Include announced new Steora benches and Terra waste containers

November 30th 2020


In a special event, held today at Include headquarters, we announced a new generation of Steora smart benches and new product line – Terra waste containers. New products announced today transform public space in a way never seen before. During the presentation, Ivan Mrvoš, CEO, pointed out that the main goal was to build a smart bench that will be priced as an ordinary bench. Ivan also announced Terra waste containers, advanced waste management system that will bring real savings to the waste management systems around the world.

The video of the event:

Next generation of Steora smart benches 


Steora Classic – a smart bench for the price of an ordinary bench

Priced as an ordinary bench, Classic smart bench core features are PV modules, fast smartphone charging, ambient light and environmental sensors. Design is fully modular, with possibilities to change armrests, legs and other parts of the bench. With its classic design, the Classic smart bench belongs to every type of public space, from historical places and parks to urban spaces.

For more information about Steora Classic please visit – Steora Classic information page.


Steora City – world’s most powerful bench

Steora City is the world’s most powerful bench ever created. Powered by advanced AI, it is a perfect option for high frequent locations, thus creating revenue and ROI (with optional smart outdoor advertising system).

For more information about Steora City please visit – Steora City information page.


Steora Cyclo – the future of micromobility

Steora Cyclo smart bench is setting future standards in micromobility. Smart chargers for e-bikes and e-scooters, together with an air compressor and high- quality tools kit, cover all needs for users of bikes and other lightweight vehicles. Cyclo also comes with adaptive fast charging, environmental sensors and is fully modular with add-ons such as flowerpots.

For more information about Steora Cyclo please visit – Steora Cyclo information page.


Terra waste containers – cleaner and smarter waste management

With new Terra waste containers, cities and communities will save millions of EUR annually, which means that they can reduce waste management costs and eventually reduce costs for end-users – citizens. New products – Terra public cans, Terra residential bins and Terra residential dumpsters with their advanced waste compression systems (compacting up to 3 times more waste compared to a regular container) actively participating in reducing CO2 emission. Terra waste containers are powered by solar energy and equipped with advanced BMS and batteries.

With newly announced “pay as you dispose” system, Include is bringing more optimised and fair billing system for end users – citizens. That means that everyone will be charged only for the amount of waste they produced, no more, no less.

For more information about Terra waste containers please visit – Terra waste containers information page.


SOLOS – a beating heart of the smart city

SOLOS, a newly developed web management platform that works as an operating system in the cloud is becoming an important part of city management. Easy to use and with intuitive design, it comes with numerous applications and integrations connected to various city systems. Now, city management will have powerful control and analytics over the city’s critical infrastructure.

Waste management application, a part of SOLOS, offers intelligent waste collection route planning with optimisation, a real-time status of Terra waste containers (GPS location, battery and fulfilment status) and even an option of automatically generating waste utility bills for end-users.

For more information about SOLOS please visit – SOLOS information page.

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