Steora Classic

Extraordinarily ordinary

Timeless, classic design of the Classic looks great in all kinds of urban spaces while delivering sustainable connectivity and device charging. Made in EU, CE and ISO9001 certified for user safety.

Charge your devices

Armrests hide two Qi charging spots, with room for additional USB fast chargers compliant with Apple, Huawei and Samsung standards.

Illuminate the night

Bottom of the seat houses LED strips controlled by an ambient light sensor that tracks natural lighting conditions and turns on automatically.

Protect the environment

Air quality sensors PM2.5 and PM10, along with temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors provide extensive atmospheric data, allowing for city-wide weather condition reporting. A real-time GPS locator reports of your bench’s location.

Make it your own

Modular armrests, legs and materials allow for multiple looks and colour combinations suitable for any environment: parks, public spaces or indoor venues.

Technical specifications

  • Construction

    Dimensions: W: 181 cm ; D: 65 cm ; H: 51 cm. Weight: 55 kg.
    Materials: alu-zinc, aluminium, hot-dip zinc-coated steel [EN10346], galvanized low carbon steel [ISO 2081]

  • PV modules

    IK08 (EN 62262) vandal proof
    99W power output

  • Li-ion battery pack

    Low-temperature resistance
    Advance BMS

  • 2 x Qi wireless charging

    Supporting all Qi phones, watches and earbuds
    Smart energy-saving standby system

  • LED ambient light

    Automatic ON/OFF system
    Time adjustable depending on the season

  • Seating surface cooling system

    Air cooling technology
    Automatic temperature trigger

  • Sensors

    PHT sensor – pressure, temperature, humidity
    Energy sensors
    Users counter (number of seating)

  • Real-time GPS location

    Online alarm if bench location changes
    Location visible over Solos Smart City platform

  • Internal server communication system

    Included 5-year connectivity with Solos Smart City platform
    Online product maintenance and updates

  • Battery status indicator

    Integrated into the bench body
    25%, 50%, 75% and 100% status

    • Additional options

    • Backrest

      With integrated PV modules
      66W power output

    • Backrest and armrest

      With integrated PV modules
      66W power output

    • 4 x USB fast chargers

      Apple fast charging
      Qualcomm quick charge
      Samsung adaptive fast charging

    • Particulate matter sensor

      Monitoring PM1, PM2.5 and PM10

    • Air quality sensors

      Monitoring NO, NO2 and O3 gases

    • Noise sensor

      Sensor range from 25 dB to 130 dB

    • Wi-Fi hotspot system

      Editable homepage and Wi-Fi name
      Support SIM or ethernet connectivity

    • Seating surface heating system

      Works during winter days
      Automatic temperature trigger
      Requires hybrid module

    • Hybrid module

      Using grid power for 0/24 operation
      Designed for long winters without sunlight

Ask us anything about the Classic or find out how we can customise it for you.