Cleaner and smarter waste management

Save millions and reduce CO2 emissions

Terra waste containers can store up to 5 times more waste compared to regular containers, thus reducing the need for frequent collection. Using smart master-module controller and built-in precise waste volume sensors containers can independently tell when they need to be emptied. Each Terra container is connected to Solos smart city dashboard, which provides smart waste management by creating optimal waste collecting routes.

Terra public can

Terra public cans are designed to keep parks, walking tracks and streets cleaner. Equipped with a waste compaction system public cans are storing up to 5 times more waste compared to regular public bins, depending on the waste type. Using the Waste management app waste collectors can easily track waste level in each public can and empty them only when they are really full. With all these amazing features, Terra public cans are lowering the costs and keeping the streets cleaner and healthier.

Terra residential bin

A small bin with a storing capacity of a big dumpster. Terra residential bin stores up to three times more waste compared to classic bins. This happens thanks to our advanced waste compaction system which tracks waste level inside the bin and automatically starts the compaction process when the waste level exceeds a preset level.

Terra residential dumpster

Terra residential dumpsters are fulfilling even the highest waste disposal demands. With integrated waste compaction system, the biggest dumpster can store average family waste for almost a month before it needs to be collected. With Terra residential dumpster, you’ll need fewer collection teams and routes to keep the city clean while increasing management efficiency and saving money.