Solos - a platform for a connected community

Solos is Include’s proprietary, cloud-based smart city platform that connects IoT public assets under one central hub. It provides insight and remote management of smart products, optimizing operations and improving security and quality of life within our communities.

Sensors app

Sensors app provides real-time environmental and product usage data, such as air quality index, PHT data, and a number of charged devices. Information is presented in a user-friendly, graphic format, with the option to filter in the custom time range. All the data can be exported in .xls or .pdf format.  

Waste management app

The waste management app brings a new standard in how to manage public waste. Utility companies can save money and time by knowing the waste fill status in each Terra container before its collection. It provides the optimal route to collect full containers, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, the app includes fleet and zone management features that help digitize the entire waste management lifecycle.

Advertise app

Advertise app brings a whole new experience in outdoor advertising. Create new campaigns, choose locations, and set up campaign duration in just a few simple steps. Integrated AI sensor counts the number of pedestrians passing by and can estimate their gender, so the ad can be customized accordingly. Therefore, for the first time in DOOH advertising, you can optimize the campaign effectiveness for best results.

Manage app

Manage app enables you to manage all your smart products in the same place. Change product settings, or name, in just a few simple clicks.

Setup app

Setup app provides simple and fast administration of your profile, organization, and products. Within the app, you can easily manage your account, user roles, and permissions, as well as get access to the product's public API key.

Support app

Support app provides support resources in one place. Users can find product installation manuals, user guides, and instructional videos, and can also report an issue.

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