Terra public can

Lifetime's worth

Terra with a built-in compaction system can fit waste from up to five standard bins of equal size. It is developed to keep busy or remote locations, such as city squares, tourist landmarks, university campuses, airports, public transport stations, and national parks easy to maintain and keep clean. It can be used for any type of waste - mixed, plastic, paper, metal, or glass. With a minimalistic design, yet a powerful engine, it provides the best lifetime value on the market.

Built to last

Terra's external shell is constructed of a combination of zinc-coated and stainless steel, making it resistant to both harsh weather conditions and most vandalism attempts. In addition, the polycarbonate solar panel is securely integrated on top of the metal shell, which mounts to the concrete base and has an internal GPS locator to ensure its safeguard. A set of built-in sensors, such as noise, fire, and PHT, can also add to the longevity of your investment.

Tireless worker

Powered by sustainable and clean solar energy, Terra never gets tired. It contains a built-in waste compactor system with a 3000 N compaction force that can increase the capacity of the 120 L bin fivefold, depending on the type of waste. Operators can remotely monitor its fill levels and plan collection routes accordingly, leading to more effective resource management and lower operational costs.

Low maintenance

The modular and simple design of the Terra public can allows much-needed flexibility to add features that are important to unique community needs. Most components can be easily serviced, replaced, and upgraded even after the installation.

Easy to operate

Terra improves the speed and efficiency of waste collection. Remote access control through RFID cards eliminates the need for physical keys, while optimized route planning on the Solos platform saves time. Trash bins without plastic bags allow for faster truck loading. Finally, end-users have a hands-free waste disposal experience with a set of sensors that automatically open the Terra doors, or manually using a foot pedal.

Timeless design

With its inconspicuous and simple design, Terra blends into any environment. A powerful technology combined with an elegant exterior elevates the appearance of public spaces.

Technical specifications

  • Construction

    Dimensions: W: 53 cm ; D: 53 cm ; H: 125 cm. Weight: 60 kg.
    Materials: alu-zinc, aluminium, hot-dip zinc-coated steel [EN10346], galvanized low carbon steel [ISO 2081]

  • Photovoltaic modules

    IK08 (EN 62262) vandal proof
    40W power output

  • Li-ion battery pack

    Low-temperature resistance
    Advance BMS

  • Waste level sensor

    Real-time waste level tracking

  • Sensors

    PHT sensor – pressure, temperature, humidity
    Energy sensors
    Users counter (number of waste disposals)

  • Real-time GPS location

    Online alarm if bin location changes
    Location visible over Solos Smart City platform

  • Internal server communication system

    Included 5-year connectivity with Solos Smart City platform
    Online product maintenance and updates

  • Smart RFID lock

    RFID cards for unlocking the can when emptying
    Simple cards management through Solos

  • Foot pedal

    Hands-free system for opening the waste lid. A self-closing system with a locking mechanism

  • Waste level indicator

    Visible to pedestrians
    Indicating bin status – empty and unlocked or full and locked

  • Battery status indicator

    Integrated into the trash can body
    25%, 50%, 75% and 100% status

    • Additional options

    • Waste compaction system

      Autonomous mechanical press
      Compacting up to 5 times more waste compared to a regular container, depending on the waste type

    • External power supply

      12V charger for fast charging
      Charged in less than 30 minutes

    • Audio system

      Pre-recorded audio messages, such as “thank you for sorting waste”

    • Fire sensor

      Real-time alarm in the case of fire

    • Noise sensor

      Sensor range from 25 dB to 130 dB

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