Terra public can

For cleaner and healthier cities.

The monolithic design of the Terra Public hides a regular plastic bin, while the outsides house a polycarbonate solar panel, sensors and a GPS locator. Built-in waste compactor increases the 20 L volume of the container threefold. Administrators can see as it fills up so they can manage collection routes efficiently and promptly respond to current events.

City slick

Built for public use in the city streets, as well as nature parks. Resistant to all atmospheric conditions, the shell houses a resilient polycarbonate solar panel that feeds an intelligent Li-Ion battery needed to power the waste compactor inside the inner bin. Sensors in the body and a GPS locator connect to Solos dashboard so you can check the location and status of every Terra Public in your care at all times.


The sturdy outer shell can sustain massive abuse and a sensor within the body of Terra Public will notify you if it changes location, or starts emitting unusual amounts of heat. GPS locator within the outer shell lets you know if your Terra Public has moved - which should be impossible, as it mounts onto a concrete base.

Well behaved

Designed to inspire interaction and responsible waste management, each Terra Public comes with a built-in voice interaction system, so it can thank the users for being responsible. Sensors keep track of the weight of waste produced, frequency of use, waste produced per location, current location, temperature, humidity - your Terra Public can even check air quality and other atmospheric conditions throughout the city.

Manage waste like never before

With smart RFiD lock system, Terra public cans are secure from unauthorized opening. Waste collectors don't have to physically check the status of each can waste level, as they receive real-time data through the Waste management app on Solos dashboard.

Technical specifications

  • Construction

    Dimensions: W: 55cm ; D: 55cm ; H: 125cm. Weight: 60 kg.
    Materials: alu-zinc and aluminum

  • Photovoltaic modules

    IK08 (EN 62262) vandal proof
    40W power output

  • Li-ion battery pack

    Low-temperature resistance
    Advance BMS

  • Waste compaction system

    Autonomous mechanical press
    Compacting up to 3 times more waste compared to a regular container

  • Waste level sensor

    Real-time waste level tracking

  • Real-time GPS location

    Online alarm if bin location changes
    Location visible over Solos Smart City platform

  • Internal server communication system

    Included 5-year connectivity with Solos Smart City platform
    Online product maintenance and updates

  • Battery status indicator

    Integrated into the trash can body
    25%, 50%, 75% and 100% status

    • Additional options

    • External power supply

      12V charger for fast charging
      Charged in less than 30 minutes

    • Audio system

      Pre-recorded audio messages, such as “thank you for sorting waste”

    • Fire sensor

      Real-time alarm in the case of fire

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