Our mission

With our carefully designed and innovative products, we are transforming public spaces in a way never seen before, to create modern, connected, self-sustainable environments incorporating new and exciting technologies that provide services to all. It is our mission to give everyone a chance to experience public spaces in a new way, and no matter where you live, we want to make it the best and most rewarding experience ever.

Our company started this process by launching the world’s first smart bench, and has since evolved to chart the future with its line of cutting-edge high-tech products that will reinvent the smart city landscape.

Innovation is our starting point as well as an integral part of our DNA. Every product we make is the result of an inventive approach, extraordinary research and focused development, as well as our personal aim to make a positive difference – and we don’t settle for anything less than excellence.


Our vision

We believe in making our planet a better place for every human being. With innovation and breakthrough technology, we at Include are committed to creating unique, self-sustainable and innovative products designed to improve the quality of life.

Our products interact with millions of people every day, and regardless of their location, age or interests, our goal remains the same: inventing technology that will genuinely affect and change their lives.

Innovations and new technologies are a challenging business and this is why our company consists of talented people dedicated to new ideas and making products and services that they can be proud of. One thing is certain: for us as Include there is no such thing as impossible.