Terra residential dumpster

Big. Now even bigger.

Terra residential dumpsters are fulfilling even the highest waste disposal demands. With integrated waste compaction system, biggest Terra dumpster can store average family waste for almost a month before it needs to be collected. Instead of collecting waste every day, waste collectors can now reduce their collections to twice a week. Using Waste management app via Solos dashboard, waste collectors can track waste level status in each dumpster, meaning they don't have to reach every dumpster, thus saving time and money.  Terra residential dumpsters are available in 770L and 1100L sizes.

Save time and money with Waste management app

Each Terra residential dumpster is connected to Solos dashboard, where using Waste management app waste collecting companies can track waste level in each container and create optimal collection routes. Waste management app in combination with Terra waste compaction system can save cities millions of euros every year and lower CO2 emissions.

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Technical specifications

  • Construction

    770L – W: 137 cm; D: 78 cm; H: 121 cm
    1100L – W: 121 cm; D: 111 cm; H: 141 cm

  • PV modules

    IK08 (EN 62262) vandal proof
    40 W power output

  • Li-ion battery pack

    Low-temperature resistance
    Advance BMS

  • Waste compaction system

    Autonomous mechanical press
    Compacting up to 3 times more waste compared to a regular container

  • Waste level sensor

    Real-time waste level tracking

  • Real-time GPS location

    Online alarm if bin location changes
    Location visible over Solos Smart City platform

  • Internal server communication

    Included 5-year connectivity with Solos Smart City platform
    Online product maintenance and updates

    • Additional options

    • Waste weight sensor

      Real-time waste weight tracking per user
      Add-on for PAYD “Pay-as-you-dispose” feature

    • Pay-as-you-dispose system (PAYD)

      RFiD cards for citizens and Android/iOS app
      Two disposal tracking options: By number of openings or By waste weight

    • External power supply

      12V charger for fast charging
      Charged in less than 30 minutes

    • Audio system

      Pre-recorded audio messages, such as “thank you for sorting waste”

    • Fire sensor

      Real-time alarm in the case of fire

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